Welcome to Get It Down Pat — The Website for Traditional Homemakers!

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Hello! Welcome to Get It Down Pat — the website created by a traditional homemaker for other traditional homemakers! But while it might appear to be a little old-fashioned at times, the difference with this website — apart from its amazing, helpful content — is its modern twist. On Get It Down Pat, traditional homemaking meets modern modern times, to make your homemaking tasks and responsibilities quicker and easier to make your life better!

What’s a traditional homemaker? Well, for the purposes of this website, that’s any person who cooks, cleans, cares for children, buys what the family needs, oversees the family budget and expenses, and generally manages the family home. If this represents what you do then this website is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you stay at home, work at home, or work outside your home — you can still choose to be responsible for these “traditional” home duties and, as far as this website is concerned, be a traditional homemaker.

The lifestyle isn’t right for everyone, but you’ve actively and intentionally decided that these responsibilities are right for you!

So did I. I grew up knowing that, someday, I would be just like my mom — a wife and a mother, taking on the traditional tasks of a homemaker. I’m using this website to extend to you what I’ve learned over my many years as doing just that, in the hopes of making your own tasks easier and quicker, and overall, making your life BETTER.

On this website, you’ll find:

  • Recipes to make quick and easy homemade meals.
  • Ways to save money and stay on budget.
  • Advice on how to work at home so you can be there to care for your young children.
  • Tips on how to make your own self-care and beauty routines quick and easy.
  • My personal thoughts on the role of the traditional homemaker and how that can fit into a modern lifestyle.

Think of this website as your digital library of all things related to traditional homemaking! Best of all — all the information on this website is COMPLETELY FREE! There’s no membership to join. There are no fees. Just free, useful information to help you on a daily basis.

As time goes on, I’ll have more and more resources and articles for you to enjoy. I plan to grow the website and its available content for as long as I possibly can and as long as it makes sense within my own lifestyle. So welcome aboard, and thank you for joining me on this life’s journey!

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