Get It Down Pat’s 2023 Favorite Little Things List

Little things

Oprah had her annual list of favorite things… But many of those things were extremely luxurious — and pricey. The everyday Jane couldn’t afford them. 

But the truth is, there are little things that don’t cost nearly as much and yet can still be just as wonderful and fantastic!

I always say — The little things in life make life so great! 

As such, I’ve come up with my annual “Favorite Little Things” list — a list of little things, all “Pat-tested and approved,” that have made my life better.

If you, like me, received Amazon gift cards this Christmas, you’ll find this list handy as you shop for things you’ll love (but won’t take to big of a bite out of your gift funds).




I like hanging out in my living room on my laptop. However, our living room is also the family TV room, and I don’t want any sounds coming out of my laptop to disturb family members who are watching TV. 

I’ve never been a fan of earbuds. I find them uncomfortable. What I really wanted was a comfortable set of HEADPHONES. If they had a mic, that would be a plus, as I do like to sing on Smule (if you like to sing but don’t know about Smule, click HERE), and it would be great to do that with a real mic as apposed to my iPhone’s mic.

Of course, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get any of this, but at the same time, I didn’t want a set of headphones that would quickly crack, fall apart, or break in any way. And I definitely wanted them to have some comfortability. 

Enter these Mevoix headphones. When I plugged them into my laptop, I was like — WOW! The sound was so much better than the $1.25 earbuds I had been borrowing from my significant other. And most importantly, they were comfortable enough for me to be very happy.

You can’t beat the price — $14.98 at the time this article went live. You can check them out for yourself HERE.


Bonus: I also got these adapters for my iPhone. $8.99 for a pack of two when this article got posted. You can get those by clicking HERE



I had my old comforter since my late husband was alive (we bought it together at Cosco), meaning that my comforter was at least a decade old. And, boy, was it showing its age. The worst thing was that it had become ripped at the bottom, and by the time I replaced it with this new comforter I found on Amazon, it was completely torn from end to end. 

I was also thinking of getting a colored comforter this time, since I don’t use a duvet cover on mine, and again, with age, the old one’s whiteness dulled, despite keeping it clean and washing it regularly through the years. 

There are a lot of versions of comforters on Amazon, and of course, it’s hard to tell for sure just how nice a particular comforter would be without buying it. But what I love about Amazon is how easy it’s become to return something. All you have to do is bring your return and the return form you can get on Amazon’s website to the nearest Kohl’s (I have a location just a 5-minute drive from my home). 

So I rolled the dice, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with what arrived. I went with a medium gray shade — a nice neutral that would go with anything — and found the filling to be extremely soft while the outside was a soft and cool cotton material. I fluffed it up in the dryer on a short, low dry setting after I took it out of the box, and that was all it needed. I put a king size on my queen bed, because I like the sides to come down further (no need for a skirt), and it was perfect!

Just $57.99 at the time this article was posted. Check it out for yourself by clicking HERE.



I had a wedding to go to this past fall, the first in a very long time. I had little black dress in my closet, but for this occasion, I wanted to wear something colorful. So, with the confidence of knowing I could return the dress if need be, I bought this little number.

Purple dress on model

My body shape has always done well in wrap dresses, and this one was perfect. It also had longer flutter sleeve, which would allow me to go short-sleeved with less exposure of my heavier upper arms.

I specifically wanted to get a purple dress. I have a lot of plum- and berry-colored dresses; those colors do tend to look good with my so-called “winter” skin color and brown-black hair. But this time, I wanted something closer to a true purple. I got my wish, and I was thrilled with the results. Didn’t hurt, too, that my better half loves the color purple.

Here I am in the dress, moments before the event. I elected to wear flats — something I normally wouldn’t do — only because I knew we’d be walking a lot in the grass, as the ceremony was outside. Didn’t regret that move either. 

Pat wearing her purple dress

If you have a fancier event to attend this year, this dress might be perfect for you too! One word of warning — I did have to go one size up in this dress (and some people in the reviews did mention this fact as well).

The price could not be beat — $33.59 when this article went live. Check it out for yourself by clicking HERE.

Makeup Organizer

I love makeup. It makes me feel feminine and pretty, and it’s a way for me to express my creative side. Having been an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for many years, I have a lot of cosmetics. I needed a way to corral all that makeup and skin care in one handy place on my vanity.

This clear plastic makeup carousel is perfect for my needs. I can create sections that are tall enough for my bigger bottles. It’s sleek and modern looking, and it easily fits into my decor. It spins easily, allowing me to find what I’m looking for quickly. 

Just $17.59 when this article went live. You can check it out for yourself HERE.